About The Comic

Wyrdhope is a mostly fantasy story about a girl named Marti having the weirdest summer ever. Shipped off to the remote seaside town of Wyrdhope to stay with her eccentric Aunt Beatrice, Marti Gryffin is pretty much resigned to having the worst holiday ever. But then she meets a wolf-girl in the woods, and things only get weirder from there. Featuring goblins, magic, family secrets and a little romance, Wyrdhope is mostly funny with a helping of magic. 

About The Artist

Sam Spicer is a 20-something artist who tells a whole lot of stories. Wyrdhope is one that's finally being shared. Most of the time she's either squirreled away in a studio like an art goblin or getting overly invested in fictional characters of all kinds. She can be found around the web at the following places:

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